DARSHAN (A JOURNEY) by Irene Black

DARSHAN (A JOURNEY) by Irene Black


DARSHAN (A JOURNEY) by Irene Black

Sara Davis, aged eighteen, returns to Britain from India where she has lived with her Indian mother since she was ten years old. She will spend the next three years studying history at Oxford University.

But Sara has a hidden agenda: to free herself from the restrictions, particularly regarding sex, imposed on her by her Indian upbringing and to avoid the prospect of an arranged marriage upon her return. She intends to do this by asserting her ‘Britishness’ and searching for her Welsh father, who walked out on the family when she was five.

The first part of Sara’s story revolves around her life in Oxford. But university life is not quite what she imagined.  She gets involved in a sinister religious cult that threatens to consume her. Her search for her father takes her to New York in 2001, shortly before 9/11, with devastating consequences.

Back in India Sara is destined to come face to face with some unexpected and uncomfortable truths before her journey of self-discovery comes to an unexpected and life-changing conclusion.

'It's an involving story, beautifully told.' Maggie Hartford, Oxford Times 2008

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