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(May 02, 2018)

April was an exciting month for Goldenford authors, Irene Black and Jennifer Margrave.

As a result of the success of her biography ‘If only I could have News from You’, Irene was invited to tell the remarkable story of her parents at the 6th annual Genocide Awareness Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is probably the biggest conference of this nature in the USA.  Her talk was very well received and was followed by a successful book-signing session.

Jennifer, who accompanied Irene to Scottsdale, was invited to hold a creating writing  ‘masterclass’  for adults at Scottsdale Community College, which was also a great success.

Both authors were impressed by the questions asked at their talks and by the interest and engagement of their audience.

They were also extremely touched by the kindness and wonderful hospitality shown by the people of Arizona.

'If only I could have News from You' is now available from the Scottsdale Community College Bookstore.


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