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Luther's Ambassadors by Jay Margrave

Luther's Ambassadors by Jay Margrave


Luther's Ambassadors by Jay Margrave


In Luther's Ambassadors, the second of the Prideux mysteries, we rediscover Tom Prideux, now serving the young Anne Boleyn. However, Tom is more than just a servant; at different times, he is her mentor, her confidant and sometimes her critic. Anne has one overriding ambition: to reform the Catholic Church. The only way she can achieve her aim is to marry a powerful man and use her wiles to influence him to make the changes she wants. This man, of course, is Henry VIII. Prideux helps her in this aim and when her schemes are going awry he is there to fight her battles; when her life is threatened he saves her; when she needs an ally he is there at her side. But for how long can he survive the political battles of the Court without himself becoming a target for powerful men.

Jay Margrave’s book Luther’s Ambassadors was chosen as one of the editor’s choices in February’s Historical Novels Review; the highly respected review of historical novels published by the worldwide organisation, Historical Novel Society. See link to HNS website for full review.

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